Watch this short video below that has been scrubbed from the internet - where Fauci said face masks were not needed and ineffective.  He doesn't say that now.  Why did he lie to Americans?

35,000 Dissenting Scientists and Doctors and Growing

The Great Barrington Declaration
Fauci Lied and Americans Died

Yes, Fauci LIED and Americans Died!

  • Fauci is not saying this anymore. 
  • Now he says EVERYONE should wear a mask, and a covering for your eyes is a good idea, too.
  • Why did he change his tune? 
  • How has Fauci's LIES contributed to the death of Americans?
  • Why did he say only health care providers and ill people needed to wear them?
  • Which was the lie?  What he said to begin with or what he says now?
  • Why is this "pandemic" ALWAYS being hammered on the American public 24/7/365?
  • Why did Americans make a run on toilet paper for a sickness that was largely upper-respiratory?  Did they think they were going to have diarrhea from their lungs?  Maybe they should have made a run on napkins instead.
  • Speaking of napkins, if you don't eat your own poop, why can't you see it is also unhealthy to breathe your own exhaust?

Scientism, apparently, can evolve rather quickly, can it not?

President Trump says people should NOT panic.  He said it early on.  He says it now.  I agree.  However, the MEDIA is trying to keep people in a perpetual state of panic.  They want you AFRAID so they can control you.  Lose the stupid mask and get some fresh air.


Convictions: being convinced and standing on what you believe.

Conviction SHOULD answer the question of "WHY are you wearing a mask or trying to compel others to wear a mask?"  Are you yielding to coercion?  Have you been conned? Are you a player in the conspiracy?  

It is indeed unfortunate when the question "Why?" reveals behaviors that proceed from cowardice.  Take the path to finding courage.

It is vital that our hearts are filled with and moved by compassion towards others, and we need to cultivate a heart of contrition in prayer to the God of heaven under which we are "one nation."

Then we need to cooperate with one another as business owners and as consumers with local, small businesses.  The small businesses that are "forcing" you do wear a mask are operating from a place of fear and they are VICTIMS, just like the American people.


It's YOUR Funeral ... 

The video below created by Polly St George rehearses the true events of a family funeral under "Covid Rules" and the actions of those present.  Watch it and think!

The COVID measures are an attempt to bring in worldwide totalitarianism.

To Serve Man, the Lie of Philanthropy

Put on your seatbelts, you're in for a bumpy ride. I show you how so-called 'philanthropists' use language and veneers to hide their bad deeds as they de-humanize us. These people are like vampire aliens determined to hijack free will.

A Minnesota Priest (Fr. Robert Altier) Explains the Covid-19 Truth

I am not a Catholic, but this priest has done his research and he explains the truth about the "Coronavirus Pandemic" and references his research.  He also hints to where this is going next.  Watch the video and THINK.

One of the things he says is that there is NO WAY he will take any of the coming "vaccinations" and how he has WARNED his aged parents to NOT take the vaccine ...

Fr. James Altman Discusses the Current Madness

I'm not a Catholic, but Fr. James Altman is a man of conviction and clarity.  Listen to his sermon delivered to his church and his interview below.

Fr. James Altman Interview About Covid-19

I'm not a Catholic, but listen to this interview by the channel The Church Militant with Fr. James Altman.



1) We KNOW that WE THE PEOPLE are RESPONSIBLE for our own Health.

The Government is NOT our MOMMY.  We did NOT suck on the government's tits.  We are NOT the government's children.  We are NOT "wards" of the state.  We take responsibility for ourselves. 

The Government is NOT the SAVIOR.  We are NOT calling for our governments to SAVE US.  We'll keep trusting Jesus for the Savior role.  We want the government to get out of our lives.

The Government is NOT our GOD.  We are NOT worshipping at the government's capitol buildings. We'll keep worshipping (all of us together at one time in the same place) at our churches, synagogues, temples and mosques.  Our religions differ, but NONE of them makes the Government into GOD.

The Government is NOT our MASTER.  We are NOT slaves that the government controls. We ELECT our government at every level: local, state & federal and they WORK FOR US.  We are in charge.  We are losing our patience with the governments continual attempts to CONTROL us.

Because of these THINGS THAT WE KNOW, we choose whether or not we take a medicine (or a vaccination).  We'll talk with our own medical professionals and will follow their advice (if we choose) rather than the federal government's "experts."

We appreciate the "heads up" but we'll make our own decisions about whether or not we will wear a medical appliance.  (Like a face mask that is supposed to prevent the spread of a contagion, without a prescription from our own doctor.)

Why are they trying to COERCE us into USING A MEDICAL APPLIANCE that was neither prescribed by our own doctors nor requested by us?  How is this LEGAL?

We KNOW God intended us to breathe freely the Air He Made for Us.

  • Common sense informs us to NOT EAT our own EXCREMENT.
  • Apparently, it is UNcommon sense to figure out we should NOT BREATHE our own EXHAUST.  (We don't need a doctor or scientist to explain this; we still have some uncommon sense.)
  • We've got the sense to "come out of the rain".  We KNOW there are times that it is just COMMON SENSE to wear a facial covering.  When it makes sense, we will.
  • When it becomes common sense to wear a diaper on our faces, we will.

2) We KNOW that the practices of wearing a Face-Covering and Social Distancing are INEFFECTIVE in Preventing the Spread of a Contagion.

We are NOT "killing people" by NOT wearing a face covering.  We are NOT allowing "people-killing" by NOT enforcing our customers to wear a face covering.

3) We KNOW the RESPONSE to the "Covid 19 Sickness" is DESTRUCTIVE.

Most of us willingly laid down our Constitutional Rights as Americans initially when we were asked, even though we may have had reservations as to the validity or wisdom of the requests.

We do not DENY the existence of a sickness.  We know the response to it is far more DANGEROUS and DESTRUCTIVE than the Covid 19 "sickness" itself.

4) We KNOW the MEDIA is a PROPAGANDA Machine, Fabricating and Repeating LIES with an intent to DECEIVE people.

Start watching the video below at 18:04 and watch through 20:25.  Then, play from the beginning.

We KNOW the PROPAGANDA MACHINE extends to SOCIAL MEDIA as well.  Google, Yahoo, Bing, Youtube, Facebook & Twitter are 100% all-in as well.  We have discovered RELIABLE sources of real news and information.  We don't believe the MSM.  This is WHY we KNOW the truth.  We simply don't believe the LIES they ALL repeat.

5) We KNOW our God-given and Constitutionally Protected RIGHTS!

We KNOW that our liberties come from the Creator, NOT from government.  We KNOW that government has NO RIGHT to infringe upon our LIFE, LIBERTY AND PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS.

We also KNOW that the socialists / communists and other "ists" have INFILTRATED our government and institutions at every level and are largely in control of them: education, media, politics BUT THANK GOD NOT THE MILITARY!

We KNOW there are a FEW TRAITORS among our top brass.
We are hoping and praying and working to see that they get what they deserve.

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