Are our Politicians a part of the conspiracy?


The Majority of Politicians are Corrupt

Maybe they didn't start that way, but many did.  They are thieves and liars and fit in perfectly in the federal government.

Both parties.

We MUST Demand and Make Term Limits a Reality

We'd be doing them and ourselves a big favor.

The politicians are most "inside" of all "insiders" and they care about themselves primarily.

Not Like Donald Trump

Trump was already a billionaire.  He had everything he wanted.  Regardless of whatever you choose to believe about him ... he ain't in it for the money.

He is the first president to take on the media.

The More He's Hated, the More We Love Him!

Those "ignorant and stinky and deplorable and irredeemable" people (like me) that voted for him, did not vote for him because we were looking for a sunday school teacher.

We voted for him BECAUSE he was from OUTSIDE of the SWAMP.

It's that simple.

He understands "middle America" and he loves the USA, in spite of his rude, New Yorker manners.  

We believed he believed what he was saying and the only disappointments we have in his performance are due to nearly EVERYONE being against him.

Nearly 100%

  • Other politicians.  (that's ok with us. we expect ALL creatures of the swamp to fight back)
  • Media. (we love it when he calls them out)
  • Hellywood.  (we're cool with that - we don't like the hollywood cesspool so much)
  • "Expert Scientists".  Well, we're not experts, but we are NOT stupid.  You guys are the real dumb asses for thinking that we are.
  • Celebrities.  (We agree with Ricky Gervais on this one)


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