Science Versus Scientism

I am a man of Science, but I am NOT a believer in Scientism and the difference between the two is significant.

What is Science?

Our English word Science is derived from the Latin word scire, meaning know

Science is most simply stated as "knowledge". 

Webster's dictionary defines science as "the state of knowing : knowledge as distinguished from ignorance or misunderstanding".

Considering the subject at hand, the "scientists" should include medical doctors that actually treat patients and educated and trained researchers in labs as well.

Unfortunately, the media is limiting what you are hearing about this subject, and only allowing you to HEAR from THEIR CONTROLLED SCIENTISTS that are telling you what they want you to hear.

Modern SCIENCE is the science of DOGMA and the CONSENSUS of governmentally controlled scientific spokespersons.

The videos below are just a small part of what you are NOT being told .... watch them.

Doctors on the Pandemic - Dissenting Doctors are Being Banned.

Watch the video below.

Doctors on the Pandemic - Dissenting Doctors are Being Banned. Watch the video below.

The Scientific Method?

If you are my age and you paid attention in our science class, you would have been taught what was called "The Scientific Method."

The "OLD" Scientific Method

The Scientific Method requires FIRST an observation.  It also requires TESTING to be "proven."

  1. Make an observation.
  2. Ask a question.
  3. Form a hypothesis, or testable explanation.
  4. Make a prediction based on the hypothesis.
  5. TEST the prediction.
  6. Iterate: use the results to make new hypotheses or predictions.

You can see a straightforward explanation of this with an example from the Khan Academy.

You might be surprised to discover that the scientific method has been abandoned and replaced with a new method of scientific inquiry.

In essence, "Science" no longer needs to prove anything.  These LEADERS may still be wearing the white lab coats, but they are priests of the religion of Scientism, they are NO LONGER Scientists in the classical meaning of the word.

Knowledge (science) that is derived by observation and testing, testing, testing now proceeds by consensus of the priesthood of Scientism: their ideas, practices and concepts.

The "NEW" Science "Framework"

  1. Ideas.
  2. Practices.
  3. Concepts.

Enter the NSTA (National Science Teaching Association)

The NSTA, established in 1944, has NEVER recognized the scientific method.  So, the goal of replacing "Science" with "Scientism" has been in the works for over 70 years.

The NSTA’s Standards for Science Teacher Preparation has always emphasized the need for scientific inquiry and has never recognized the scientific method. In fact, in 2003, they specifically stated, “no such method exists, noting that inquiry should not be reduced to the specific steps, but should be dynamic and reach beyond isolated procedures” but yet, it is continued to be taught year after year, throughout district after district. And their stance has definitely NOT changed after adopting the NGSS

Tap on the links below to see resources cited.

What is Scientism?

It is a religion.

The debate over the origins of life, for example, provides only two options: 

1) We are Created for a Purpose (Creationism or "Intelligent Design") or 

2) We are a result of Evolution - NO Purpose (& NO intelligence required)

I hope you can clearly see the moral implications that attend whichever of the above two BELIEFS are embraced.

Created: If I believe I was Created by an Intelligent Being, I have a purpose, and the Creator would be an Authority that could lay down rules for living.  I would be accountable to that Creator.

Evolved: If I believe I am only the result of an accident and that there is NO CREATOR, then there is No Authority and there can be No Absolute rules.  I can do whatever I want, whenever I want, and since there is no God, you are not my God, either, and you have no authority to tell me what to do.

Dig deeper into these two contrasting RELIGIONS: one WITH a God and one WITHOUT a God and you will discover more and more problems if you simply THINK through to the potential outcomes of the obvious implications.

Creationism vs Science

This is the way EVOLUTIONISTS have "framed" their claims:

"Creationism is RELIGION, Evolutionism is SCIENCE."

You've probably heard that LIE before.

I am a what "scientists" would call a "Creationist" - as their mildest of terms they would attribute to me.  I'm sure they would also call me: "misguided, dangerous, insane".  As a result of the numerous, thought-provoking banners I have placed in front of my business, I am also on the radar of Antifa, BLM and other God-hating and science-denying persons like them.

They have left threatening letters and have been calling me from "burner" cell phones.  I've been getting these calls from all over the country.  

They were obviously well-trained.  They followed the EXACT same script, just like all of the news outlets do: including Fox.  Forget the news and open your eyes.

They were "good".  They were better trained than most salesmen I've talked with.

First, they ask a question to bait me.  I would answer.  They would ask follow-up questions.  They were even trained to PRETEND to be Christians!  They KNEW the right language.  These Communists were obviously selected and "assigned" to me.

Then, they would simply tell the truth: the were presently taking over America.  I was going to end up dead.  They would ask, "What are you going to do to stop us? 


After tiring of this, I have added software to my phone and purchased two separate screening services that has ended most of them. 

If I had actually been able to engage these persons in meaningful discourse, I would have not done this.  However, discourse was not their intention.  Their intention was to make me AFRAID to do what I am doing.

FEAR FAIL. laughing


  • I am not afraid of them.
  • I do not hate them.
  • I do love them.
  • I do pity them.
  • I would feed them if they were hungry.
  • I pray for them.
  • I fear for them.  They will someday face the God they abhor and they will lose, eternally.
  • I hope they will repent and follow Jesus Christ.  God will forgive them and welcome them into His family.

These experience I have told you about above simply describes the logical outcome of our government schools. 

  • They are only believing what they were taught.  Can't blame them for that.
  • Since their is no God, they are trying to create their own God with a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT.  The US is very much in the way, and needs to be destroyed.  It is that simple.

The MASKS have NOTHING to do with actual Science.
If you believe that, you are still sleeping.
Please wake up.  Please wake up.  Please wake up.


I admit it: Creationism is a Religious BELIEF

I personally believe that an all-knowing and all-powerful Being that I call God created everything.  Period. 

I personally believe that the present creation is only a five days older (literal, evening and morning days as stated in the Bible) than all animals and plant life.

I personally believe that God created everything MATURE (as the Bible states).  NOTHING needed to evolve.  No living thing needed to "grow up."

Adam and Eve were able to enjoy sexual relations from the first day they were created.  The did not need to "mature".  When they were "one second old" they were already ADULTS.

Every living thing that God made had "its own seed in itself" so it could reproduce an fill the earth.

I personally believe in what is known as "the young earth".  I believe, like Adam and Eve and everything else, that God the Creator made everything with the "appearance of age".  Everything was COMPLETE from the moment of creation.

If there was a way to genetically trace all human beings back to those first parents, God's creation started just five literal days before that.

How Did Man Get So Smart?

The Bible makes it clear (Read Genesis chapters 1-10) that God created man and gave man KNOWLEDGE.  The first human beings were much SMARTER than we are now.  Hint: this is why archaeologists dig up EVIDENCE of advanced civilizations that existed before the great cataclysm referred to as "Noah's flood".

God "programmed" man with KNOWLEDGE.

He didn't have to teach Adam and Eve a language or math, for example.  It was a part of their original programming.

We are, after all, biological, organic machines, are we not?

  • Brain
    • CPU
    • Memory
    • RAM
    • Operating System
      • REAL Intelligence (Learning)
      • Abilities like speech are hard-coded
      • Morality is hard-coded, too (this is why "Natural Law" is a reality)
      • Reason is hard-coded, too (this is why we THINK critically and solve problems)
      • REAL Intelligence (as opposed to non-biological, "ARTIFICIAL" intelligence
      • EMOTION is hard-coded.
    • Software (Programs)
      • We are continually being programmed
      • We take input from our environment
        • What we see
        • What we hear
        • What we feel (touch)
        • What we sense (emotions)
  • Body
    • A Biological Machine
    • Has an Engine for Power
      • Requires Fuel (food & water)
      • Requires Air (masks are clogging this system)
      • Requires Electricity (control from brain (synapses) uses electricity)
    • Has Legs for Locomotion
    • Has Limbs and Appendages for tasks

But there is a Problem Regarding My Belief in Creationism

I was not there.  I cannot prove it.  It is NOT science, then, is it?

We have a record of this (if you believe the Bible) written down by people who were alive on the earth before the great cataclysm (destruction of the world by a world-wide flood)

  • I did not OBSERVE the genesis of life (creation).
  • No one else alive has OBSERVED the genesis of life (creation).

Conclusion: CREATIONISM is a RELIGIOUS Belief

I can OBSERVE the world around me and formulate and like every other thinking person formulate two  common questions pertaining to existence:

  • How did I come to live here on this earth?
  • Why am I here?

Asking such questions is scientific inquiry.  The problem is real SCIENCE cannot answer that question.  By definition, the questions are metaphysical in nature.

Science simply CANNOT answer them.  One cannot come to answers regarding them through scientific inquiry.  Ask away all day long, but science has no answer for this.  It is beyond the ability of science.

Special Revelation and Subjective Reason

Special Revelation

If we stay with science, we my claim special revelation (sources like the Bible and others) answers this question, but it doesn't.

I have admitted that I subscribe to believing in special revelation (the Bible), and I can tell you that I KNOW it is true (experimentally), but I cannot PROVE it by science.

My KNOWLEDGE (Science) is therefore EXPERIMENTAL (by experience) and not EMPIRICAL (based upon observation).

PersonascopesMicroscopesTelescopes and Pneumascopes

  • How do we SEE things?

My Personascope

I own a telescope and a microscope.  Using these instruments, I can see things that would otherwise be hidden from me.  I can look deeply into the canopy above me and I can look deeply into the minute world and see the "wee beasties".

I was born with a "personascope", and so were you.   I can see thing with my God-given eyeballs, too.  That is how we all begin to see things, and if we see with intent, we can observe them.

We need to not merely glance at the world around us, it deserves a steadfast gaze.

I look at everything I can see: the complexity and synergy of the world around me; the great expanse of the heavens; the struggle between good and evil on the earth and I see an imperfect world.

You may not believe that personascope is a real word, but you would be believing wrongly.  I invented it just a few seconds ago, so I know it is a real word. 

I could not think of an English word that would work for what we can all see with our "naked eyes" - that would work as a contrast and comparison with telescope and microscope, so I created it.

There is even a website for it.  I just started it.  I will publish some content to it, and in time, more people will begin using the word.  :-)

My Microscope

"Wee beasties", referenced above, was how one of the earliest "scientists" - a janitor from Delft, Holland described the things he saw via his hand-made microscopes.

His name was Antonj van Leeuwenhoek. (1632-1723)

He was a real scientist, however.  Starting with an inquiry and following with observation.  I'm sure he never wore a white lab coat, however.

I have a microscope and I can SEE things with it that I could NEVER SEE without it. 

My Telescope

I have a telescope and I can SEE things with it that I could NEVER SEE without it. 

My Pneumascope

I have a spirit and I can "SEE" things with it that I could NEVER SEE without it.  There is a "sight" that is far more important than physical sight.  

With my physical sight I can see people have different colors of skin.  With my spiritual sight I can see how unimportant that is.

Your human spirit is real, albeit, it may not be functioning so well.  This spirit is a part of your "sixth" sense. 

Subjective Reason

Reason is always subjective.  If we are honest, we must admit that our ability to reason is never fully independent.

Our reason is attached to US as a subject of that reason.  That is the simple truth.

How do YOU see things?


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